The 3rd UK Creativity Researchers’ Conference will take place on the 22nd May 2019 throughout the Foster Lecture Theatres, University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), Preston, UK.

Over the past 3 years, this conference has fast become an important date for all those interested in the study of creativity (both in the UK and further afield). From the outset, our aim has been to unite, share skills and ideas, build productive collaborations, and ultimately boost both the national and international impact of creativity research.

This one-day conference will feature keynote speaker Jonathan Plucker, Professor of Talent Development at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, US). Professor Plucker’s research examines creativity and intelligence, education policy, and talent development. As an eminent figure within the field of creativity research, we are delighted to have such an esteemed guest travelling from the US to our conference in the UK. His keynote is entitled “Creativity Confuses Me: Perplexing Questions About a Complex Construct”. During this talk, he will review recent developments and identify the “major unknowns” in need of additional attention.

The conference will also feature selected podium presentations, posters, a grand finale tête-à-tête with Richard Madden (Group Strategy Director for the award-winning branding agency www.bartleboglehegarty.com) and Prof. Plucker, refreshments, networking opportunities and a working lunch. For more information, keep visiting this site as we work towards the 22nd May 2019.